Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Openning statement

Greetings to Isreal's animation industry!

This list comes from a need to have a reliable and updated source of information about active animation studios and schools in Israel.

Who's the list for?
  • Students and pros looking for work.
  • People requiring professional animation services, looking for a studio to hire.
  • Students looking for a school.
  • People who like lists.
A blog looks like the easiest way these days to open such a list. It's easy to add/remove update, and the labels enables basic filtering of the information. If and when this list grows too hard to handle in this format, it might change to a wiki system, or something else. For now, here we are.

Every studio/school is a single post with a picture or two, a short "about us" text (a paragraph or two), and a link to a website. This is not going to be too rigid, but also not too loose - the list should be a dictionary of studios/schools, not an encyclopedia.

Every post is tagged with some labels, enabling the viewer to filter post by type (studio/school), location, animation methods (2D/3D/Flash/Stop Motion/etc.), and probably more things I can't think of at the moment.

How to get on the list
Very easy: send me an Email with the picture/text/link/labels you want, and I'll post it :) If I'm not too busy I'll try to post right away, if I'm busy it might take a few days.
Important: please try not to ask for updates, unless something really big had changed.

For now, comments are disabled. I might enable them in the future, very carefully. For now, if you're aching to discuss things, why not head over to Tapuz forum. The people there are very nice and helpful, as long as you don't ask them to work for free in return for credit - in which case they'll bite your head off, and serves you right :)

The future
This list, and the format of a blog, is flexible enough to become a lot of things. Let's see if it becomes a real useful source of information. If it does, I'm sure it'll evolve in interesting ways.